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Co‐financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call 'CLUSTERS OF INNOVATION /COIs' (project code: ΓΓ2CL-0364874)

1) Uni Systems announces the establishment of the “Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster” Uni Systems proudly announces the establishment of the “Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster” following the successful funding grant from the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Hellenic Ministry of Development & Investments.
The Cluster aims at developing and promoting IoT technological innovation through coordinated efforts of its members. Uni Systems is the key funded member of the “Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster”, which comprises of research centers, universities, large companies, SMEs with specific expertise and start-ups, each one playing its own and significant role in the ecosystem, through a range of extended synergies.  The Clusters’ interconnected members, act as one interested party, completing projects on national and regional research and innovation areas in order to develop programs and initiatives, submitted to the Horizon 2020 Framework Program, the European Structural Investment Funds, and other Greek and European initiatives. The “Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster” is currently comprised of more than 30 members and it continuously grows. As members of the Cluster, they all focus on combining and testing innovative solutions, and adopting innovative methods and best practices, for the improvement of market operations in Smart ecosystems. Through these collaborations, Uni Systems is encouraging the engagement between stakeholders from all involved industries and the local governments. Aiming at bridging the present with the future, developing new innovative solutions, and creating a sustainable environment, Uni Systems created the Cluster to support specific industrial strategies across geographies. In top priority, lie solutions for Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Smart Energy, Digital Twin, Robotics/Drones, Agriculture and Farming, Green Deal, and Logistics (Supply Chain and Traceability).  Uni Systems will be investing in the initiative's strategy and planning, while in the next funding stage more than 3.000.000 euros will be granted to its members. The “Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster” from its formation, more than a year ago, has submitted a number of projects for implementation. Following the first funding grant by the Hellenic Ministry of Development & Investments, Yiannis Loumakis, Managing Director of Uni Systems, stated: “Uni Systems, as a leading Systems Integrator around Europe, has identified early on the opportunities and the challenges of the market. Clusters are being formed around the world to enhance meaningful synergies and innovation, while in the European Union Public funding for clusters reaches the amount of 2.32 billion. Through our “Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster”, we will be able to deploy a number of projects in Greece and Europe that will bridge physical with digital capabilities, across several sectors of the market and enhance the sustainable growth competencies of the Cluster members. All the Cluster members have the opportunity to share knowledge and increase their market share while creating robust products and services that are scalable and ready to compete. We are exploring more partnerships every day and we are ready to lead some of the most innovative solutions for the future.